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‘We will not tolerate gang and gun violence in Burien,’ mayor says as shooting victim remembered

Sara Jean Green

Seattle Times

Sep 27, 2019

Two of Gabriela Reyes-Dominguez's sons spoke of their mother's love and compassion for everyone who came into her life.

Once, when he was about 14, Jesus Camarillo-Reyes asked his mom why she gave money to people who claimed to be homeless.

She told him she’d rather give money and get scammed by someone who didn’t really need it than not give money to someone capable of asking for help. Besides, she said, you never know the impact a little money or a little kindness could have on someone’s life.

The lesson: “Your heart should be open, to give compassion, to give love, to everyone who comes into your life,” Camarillo-Reyes, now 30, said of his mother, Gabriela “Gaby” Reyes-Dominguez.

A week after Reyes-Dominguez was killed by a stray bullet allegedly fired by a 17-year-old gang member, Camarillo-Reyes, his younger brother Gabriel, their father and uncle sat before a row of cameras at the Burien library Thursday and remembered the woman who went out of her way to listen without judgment and to offer help to anyone who asked it.

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