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Discovery Program
"Families Win"

The Discovery Leadership Program for Youth & Families was created to help the Latino community reach its full potential. By leveraging effective communication tools, a Spanish-speaking staff, and a culture-infused approach, community members will learn how to improve familial relationships, create their education goals, increase graduation rates, and engage in vocational pre-apprenticeship programs.

Youth receive conflict resolution training to address the dynamics that lead to miscommunication and aggression. By teaching nonviolent communication techniques how to de-escalate intense situations, we will help encourage healthier relationships and outcomes at home and school. The leadership pathway offers youth, ages 11 to 19, guidance in identifying their true passion and journey. It incorporates social change activism goals so they may fully lead and contribute to building a more equitable, and prosperous future

Parents will acquire communication tools allowing them to establish a mutual dialogue and be involved with their children and create balanced healthy relationships. Learn the challenges their children may be experiencing to offer them effective coping skills and open communication with parents. Parent support groups to share lived experiences and support one another to build a stronger community network.

The LCA Discovery Leadership Program for Youth & Families offers proactive communication techniques and builds strong families that make Latino communities thrive.

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