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History of LCA

Hispanic Legislative Day is formed by a group of leaders to create a advocacy platform in Olympia that would represent Latinos in our Washington State.

In 2007 the board of directors voted to change the name to "The Washington State Hispanic/Latino Legislative Organization". Later the Board of Directors voted to change the name to the "Latino Civic Alliance" (LCA), to more accurately reflect the efforts to get the Latino community civically engaged and to provide civic education.

LCA expands its Board of Directors due to US Census and growth of Latinos in WA State

LCA is appointed by Governor Inslee to Farm Work Group task force to address Agriculture/labor issues in WA State

Latino Civic Alliance & Legislative Day celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

LCA creates new marketing campaign due to organization high growth and create strategic plan. LCA leadership think tank is formed.

LCA appointed to serve on legislative joint task force community policing in WA.

LCA is part of Initiative 940 Leadership Team that successfully changes Washington State Law Enforcement Use of deadly Force - Historic accomplishment in our state. National recognition for this effort. ​

LCA receives a grant to create a youth leadership program, "Building Future Industry Leaders (BFIL)" . Provides mentorship and a holistic approach to supporting students.

DISCOVERY PROGRAM is formed youth and family leadership program: Conflict resolution training addresses the dynamics that lead to miscommunication and aggression. By teaching community members nonviolent communication techniques how to de-escalate intense situations, we will help encourage healthier relationships and outcomes at home and school.

LCA continues to address youth on youth violence and advocate for access to mental health services.

LCA leads legislation efforts to change Hate Crimes in Washington State. LCA appointed to Governors Hate Crimes Work Group to identify solutions. LCA leads state efforts working with Elected Officials, Educators, Law Enforcement Prevention & Intervention Programs to address youth on youth violence, and helping families navigate court systems that have lost loved ones to violence.


LCA joins other Latino advocacy groups to respond to COVID 19 pandemic and offer emergency supplies like masks and funding.

LCA joins farmworker strikes in Eastern Washington and advocating for COVID employer protections.

LCA appointed to Governor Inslee's work Group "Keep Washington Working Act" that addresses the immigrant work force in Washington State. Legislation has received national attention. LCA appointed to Governor Inslee task force to address Police use of deadly force and independent Investigations in Washington State.

LCA is awarded $225,000 Group Health Foundation Grant to launch a new family services program statewide


LCA is awarded Washington State OSPI grant $300,000 for LCA new social emotional programs “ACHIEVE” in 3 school districts Grant, Skagit and South King County

LCA to open a Latino Civic Center located in downtown Burien, The center will provide a historical gallery of Latino and Latina leaders in Washington State. Also provide civic education classes and a radio station providing advocacy programming. Also a new recording studio for the community


April: The NEW Latino Civic Center opens in Downtown Burien, WA

LCA received the WASA Regional Award in May 2022 for our ACHIEVE SEL Program

LCA received L2R Impact Fund to launch COVID19 Outreach Program.

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