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2022 Legislative Priorities

For the 2022 session, LCA is asking state policymakers to:

Fund Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs
Our Washington state government must fund programs to address the Opioid/Fentanyl overdose crisis. This includes an investment of over two years, in innovative community-led harm reduction, treatment, and prevention projects, with a specific focus on those at greatest risk of substance-related harms, including young and middle- aged men, Indigenous Peoples, and LGBTQ2IA+ populations; and providing funding to improve access to evidence-based addictions treatment services.

Protect voting rights
Create a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable Washington by eliminating disparities. Promote expansion and protection of voting rights.

Preserve and strengthen democratic systems and civic engagement to relieve barriers of structural racism or economic inequality that limit civic engagement through voting, elections, judicial practices, and Census and Washington State re-districting. Affordable childcare: Affordable and high-quality childcare helps whole communities. Children excel, families earn to provide for their families and businesses retain great employees.

Support Small Business
The success of Latino small businesses is a critical component of the Washington State economic well-being. To ensure a fair and level playing field, small business owners must be at the table at local, state and have access to state and federal funding. Through cooperative networking, idea sharing, and education, small businesses can flourish.

Support Apprenticeship Programs
Close skill gaps and meet evolving workforce needs by supporting continuous improvement and investment in apprenticeship programs that include a career pathway strategy for basic skill instruction, job training, and support services.

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