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ACHIEVE is an after-school Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Cultural Relevant Youth Empowerment & Leadership program that supports students based on their current circumstances goals and needs. Along with student support, the program provides family support to strengthen student and parental engagement and relationships to enhance overall student life achievement.

Latino Civic Alliance received the WASA Regional Award in May 2022 for our ACHIEVE SEL Program.

ACHIEVE Overview

Social Emotional Learning: Students engage in evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum, learning about themselves, and their culture. The program creates a sense of belonging for the scholars, builds confidence, resilience and scholars participate in Art & STEM related activities. Homework help is also provided.

Family Support Services: Each school and classroom is assigned a Community Navigator, that uses student's native language and who are there to help and assist the families to better understand their student's academics. Community Navigators assist the students to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills to have healthy relationships at school and home. The program does partner with behavior health providers to refer families for services when needed.

College & Beyond/Pre-Apprenticeship Programs: Students are going to be exposed to different career paths, with the goal of having the students think about their life goals after high school. High School students are going to have the opportunity to participate in workshops throughout the school year and receive any assistance they need to as far as college application, financial aid, personal statement, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship program, resumes, interview and more.

ACHIEVE students participating in an art-based activity.

Mt. Vernon, La Venture Middle School


Expression through the Arts: Many lessons have an art-based activity. Painting and drawing are just some of the art activities students will do. Students can express themselves creatively, with the limit being their imagination. The program provides all art supplies.

Developing and Gaining New Skills: Students will develop and gain new skills to enhance their overall well-being and wellness at school and home. The program will introduce many ideas and concepts, from stress management to communication skills, conflict resolution, and time management.

Parents Engagement: The designated school instructors speaks the family's preferred language to support the family every week and assess needs throughout the program.

ACHIEVE participants at lunch

Moses Lake, WA

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